Name Exponat Anzahl
Klasse Ergebnis
Martien Blank Great Britain – Telegraph Stamps 5 Traditional Gold
Ingo Egerlandt Field Post Offices of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium from 16th September 1939 to 18th June 1940 5 Postal History Silver
Willem Hoitink Great Britain One Penny Stars 1855–1862 4 Traditional Vermeil
Frans op den Kamp GB Queen Elizabeth II Errors 3 Traditional Large Vermeil
Erich Kirschneck British Mail to Mediterranean Coastal Towns from 1837–1875 3 Postal History Vermeil
Karl Louis The 1841/53 One Penny and Two Pence Imperforate Issue on Foreign Destination Mail 3 Non competitive -
Karl Louis Royal Household Mail in the 19th Century 1 Non competitive -
Jonny Reher The Maltese Cross Postmark – Obliterating Stamp for the first Postage Labels 5 Postal History Large Silver
Gero Schmitz-Le Hanne Postal History - King George VI – The "Arms" High Values their use via various postal routes to overseas destinations during WW2 3 Non competitive -
Manfred Schmitz-Reutler The Reign of King George VI 1937–1951 3 Postal History Silver Bronze
Mario Stauch Postmarks of Edinburgh 1792–1840 1 Postal History Silver Bronze
Martin Strack Postal Relations between the United Kingdom and France 1815–1875 4 Postal History Gold
Ton Voorbraak British Mail Overseas 1840 to UPU 5 Postal History Gold
Christa Zakrzynski The Branch Offices of London 1 Non competitive -